Step 1 is to cut 1 5ft long cord and 5 30in long cords like pictured above. Here’s a gorgeous free pattern to get started with, but make sure to check her youtube channel for more amazing macrame coaster tutorials.

Boho Macramé Coaster Step by Step Tutorial Macrame

In this instructable, i''l try to explain how you can make a round macrame coaster.


Macrame coaster diy step by step. Materials needed for macrame coasters. Once get the hang of macrame and see how simple it is, you’re going to want to do a macrame project for every room in your house! ( half hitch tutorial) ↠ larks head knot 5 ft cords onto pencil.

You’ll need something to tie your knots to. The popularity of diy macrame hasn’t declined much at all in the past few years, which makes it such a great hobby to take up!. Looking to add some diy home decor to your living space?

To save costs, you can start your first project on a branch. See my video on how to do a lark’s head knot. This pattern was developed so that anyone, crafty or not, can make a professional.

Macrame is a method of knotting cord to create amazingly beautiful pieces for your home, including wall hangings, macrame plant hangers, and accessories. This macrame coaster is such a great addition to any living room or home decor. You can use any kind of cord, twine, or rope.

Most projects are created with rope made out of cotton, hemp, jute, or synthetic material which come in different sizes, twists, and colors. Lucky for us chasta from soulful notions has made many amazing tutorials to teach how to make your own macrame coasters. The tutorial by greysmade macramé is so easy to follow and shows a very detailed process.

↠ comb and trim edges. Side note—you are going to need more string so keep the cord and your scissors near by. See more ideas about macrame, macrame diy, macrame patterns.

Macrame coasters are perfect to keep your coffee table safe from marks and scratches. ↠ clip pencil with clipboard. Brush out all the strands, starting from the bottom all the way up towards the center.

I love how the pentagon shape accents any other decorations within the home. So we finished at just over 3 inches of the interior. Keep reading for the diy macrame coaster step by step tutorial.

Cut the fringe around to refine the circle. Leave one end of that string at least 6′ long. Also just a heads up, the beginning of this process is the hardest part.

Fold 5 of the 8′ strings in half and attach them to the 6th one using a lark’s head knot. Mine is about 1″ (2,5cm), but you can make it as long as you like, and that finishes off our macrame coaster! Keep going until you have all eight strands of cord attached onto the dowel.

Once they are all attached push them close together and tie the 6th string using a regular knot. As you can see for my coasters, i had four rows of knots with the same color yarn for each knot (which repeats step 3). Ii is practical and can be used.

These boho inspired macrame coasters are the cutest. Macrame coasters are a great beginner diy project for anyone looking to get started on their first few macrame projects. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until your macrame is 4” long from the wood dowel.

Macrame wall hanging from the spruce. Diy macrame earrings from cuckoo 4 design. Once you get the center started, its all the same from there.

Top section of the coaster. Once your round macrame coaster is the width that you’re happy with you can add your finishing touches. Help stimulate the creativity within you, and 2.

Try making this cute little macrame coaster! Then we cut our fringe. Go ahead and trim off all of the cords around the perimeter to create a circle.

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