Diy round hay bale feeders for most of us, or maybe just some of us depending on your stable situation, colder weather means less grass and time to put out large round bales. Well, if you read the diy square bale slow feeder article, you know that our paddock was set up for square bales, not round.

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Homemade roundbale hay feeders hay feeder poly round bale feeder for horses and hay rings for round hay feeder hay feeder for horses horse hay.


Homemade round bale feeder for horses. Xh duty round bale feeder for horses 8' 6 diameter, 2 square tube main frame, 24 high skirt, open top design. Closed bottom style has steel tubing covered by sheet metal to help keep the hay inside the ring. Pick up only many other products available.

Not using a feeder can result in herd weight loss. This feeder from derby originals is among the best slow feeders for horses in the market. If the feeder is built properly with vertical bars so the anaimals can only get a mothful at a time and the bale is off the ground with a roof over it, a round bale feeder is a very worthwhile investment.

Round bales are a whole ‘nother ball game. The heavy duty round bale pasture feeder offers a unique and innovative design, ensuring both the safety of your horse and the preservation of their hay. Those include the weight of the bale, the size and number of horses eating from the bale, the rate of intake, the type of feeder being used, and the amount of waste.

$1100 special internet sale price!!! Well, if you read the diy square bale slow feeder article, you know that our paddock was set up for square bales, not round. The heavy duty round bale pasture feeder offers a metal “pan” for the horses to eat out of.

Less eating and herd weight loss without a feeder was likely due to greater hay spoilage. The mammoths and horse eat a round bale quickly, but my 3 standard jennets don’t eat as quickly. Round bale feeders designed specifically for horses limit waste by containing the hay, preventing the horses from trampling and rendering the hay unpalatable.

Two for my wife, one feeds her draft horses, the other feeds the steers and one for a friend to feed his quarter. On top of that is the standard “v” design that allows for the bale to feed into the pan at. Just recently i put out my first round bale of the winter season and have watched my horses eat away at it until all that is left is a big mess of wasted hay on the ground.

No comments diy movable round bale feeder farm and garden grit access denied hay goat cattle for horses barn mini cows pin by tori pafford on cool ideas horse shelter barns build your own 6×6 century livestock feeders poly standard chr46 at tractor supply co pallet how to a smaller show the best stories about made it. Diy movable round bale feeder. The hayhut is the best most efficient and most economical pasture feeder.

Horses had unlimited access to shelter, water, a trace mineralized salt block and hay in the feeder. This is important for the round bales in areas where there aren’t many donkeys. Only $975 call and mention this special!!

16' feeder for square and round bales: To that end, i've built 3. In all, 25 horses fed off each feeder for 20 consecutive days.

They’re humungous and heavy making them hard to move, hard to store and hard to cover unless you’re already equipped to do so. So my husband came up with an awesome diy hay feeder that drastically reduced waste and kept the hay nice and dry! Large horses might find these holes being too small for them.

Here is a description of a homemade hay feeder i made. Derby originals super tough 4. The groups of horses fed in rotation for four days, and every fourth day, groups were rotated to a different paddock which housed one feeder and a new round bale.

Horses ate less (1.3 percent bw) eating without a feeder. See more ideas about hay feeder, round bale feeder, round bale hay feeder. This keeps hay from getting moldy.

A horse powered round bale unroller. Freedom feeder full bale small mesh hay net. See more ideas about round bale feeder, hay feeder, horse feeder.

Horse hay feeders round bale. Size refers to mesh openings.the goal of freedom feeder is for every horse to have high fiber, low calorie forage available 24/7.

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