(23,000 miles so far) we used to call this sewing machine oil. Just bought a 2015 lr4 with about 40k miles.


You got a freebie of the best oil they have to offer.


Best 0w20 oil reddit. Mazda recommends the use of [sae 5w30] engine oil in engines equipped with turbo. I’ve also read that a lot of you, after warranty, just throw in mobil 1 extended 5w20. The oils brands i'm thinking of using that are supposedly the best motor oils for my next oil change are.

A lot of people like mobil 1. Mobil 1 0w20 oil can also be cast with low viscosity and improved performance to save fuel and protect the combustion engine system from wear and contamination. Some 0w20 oils have higher hths scores then 5w30.

The service interval is 10 thousand runs. In the future specify 5w20 if that's what you want and tell them you will not pay for the full synthetic. The same motors that call for 5w20/0w20 in the us call for 5w30/5w40 outside the us.

I'd recommend a full synthetic. It makes use of dispersant molecules that are engineered to prevent sledge and. Looking to find the thickest (at operating temp) as in the viscosity at 100 celcius or the largest hths oil thats a synthetic 0w20 for warranty purposes i think redline will probably win this but i am talking about the more easy to find brands as in mobil 1, pennzoil.

You asked for a sweater and got a mink. Mazda recommends synthetic engine oils in all their vehicles. I'm using whatever ram specifies.

So sopus paid me $30 bucks to take their oil! The “w” in viscosity refers to winter classification, and the preceding number refers to the temperature at which the oil is able to flow smoothly. I’ve always liked redline oils and plan to do my own oil changes with this lr4.

In this article, we discuss the most important aspects of choosing engine oil and ultimately settle on the best oil to use in your camry! I've done some reading and i think castrol edge is a very good oil as well. I picked up 3 jugs of gt (5 qt) on clearance at autozone for $10, got the $10 rebate, and used $30 in rewards.

I've been using mobil 1 0w20 advanced fuel economy in 3 engines and in three different vehicles. 5w30 valvoline full synthetic high mileage with maxlife technology, api sn, gm dexos 1 approved (silver bottle) = 123,470 psi. Engine oil is a critical component in smooth and efficient operation of your toyota camry.

I'll run the 0w20 in my daughter's renegade and the 5w in my jk. 0w20 quaker state ultimate durability, api sn, synthetic (originally gold, now green bottle) = 124,393 psi. No, fork oil and motor oil are different types of oil.

0w20 and 5w20 are interchangeable and no purpose is served by following through with this. Most autoparts stores will have fork oil though. 2009 camry 4 cyl., 2012 highlander v6 and a 2014 honda accord 4 cyl.

(better mileage, especially with lots of short trips) to get a 0w20 oil companies have to use very good base oils. It is stated in your user manual and also on the top of the oil filler cap. The oil weight in the us is more based on cafe numbers, not whats best for the motor.

If you can get a deal on oil and it hits both those points, run it! 0w20 oil is thinner then 5w20 or 5w30 at all temps. You can also use a high mileage or prolonged use engine oil for older models or cars used for long distance driving.

One of the jugs of gt is 0w20, the other two are 5w20. I know the manual stats 0w20 castrol professional but it’s actually more expensive than redline 0w20. The oil has made all three engines quiter compared to other oils i've ran and the gas mileage has improved.

There is absolutely no reason to have it changed, none.

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